Bamboo Cutting Board/Pizza Peel

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Take your cooking nights to the next level and make them more enjoyable and healthier with The Green Co’s multi-functional XL Pizza Paddle and Peel. Use it to make delicious Italian pizza, as a cheese or charcuterie board at your next party.

You can also use it as a cutting board for your fruits and vegetables.

It is made from 100% natural bamboo wood and is eco-friendly and sustainable as well as durable. Rest assured that, unlike most bamboo pizza spatula products, The Green Co’s XL bamboo pizza peel will not break with proper usage! We have employed a unique method of construction that allows for the utmost durability, unlike other bamboo pizza peels which can easily break with common use.

Key Product Features:

PREMIUM DURABILITY. Made out of 100% natural bamboo, The Green Co’s XL Pizza Peel and Pizza Paddle can handle all types of use.

PERFECT SIZE. 15 inches in width, 23.5 inches in length, and 0.6 inches in height. Make pizzas large enough for the whole family to enjoy! This 15 inch pizza peel is perfect for 12 inch,14 inch and 15 inch pizzas.

NATURAL AND ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCT. Made from 100% natural, high-quality bamboo wood, our XL Pizza Peel and Pizza Paddle is an eco-friendly and sustainable product, making it conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY. Our bamboo wooden pizza spatula is versatile and can serve as many kitchen gadgets; including a pizza peel and pizza paddle, a cheese board, a cutting board with a handle for fruits and vegetables, a serving board, etc.

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